109 NetSuite Pro Bono Volunteers Mobilized for Charity!

109 NetSuite Pro Bono Volunteers Mobilized for Charity!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 2:00pm


Since 2013, more than 500 NetSuite employees from 21 NetSuite global offices have successfully mobilized their NetSuite skills for charity through the SuiteVolunteer program. Together, they have completed 200 projects and devoted over 5,000 pro bono service hours to nonprofits, social enterprises and B Corps.

The 2015 program kicked off in January, and we’re more excited than ever to be providing high quality volunteers to our charity partners. This is our biggest quarter to date, with 109 employee volunteers serving 34 grantees (in two- to four-person teams). These employees represent over 29 NetSuite departments and teams including finance, marketing, product development and professional services. Over February and March our 34 project teams will work hand-in-hand with their grantees to complete the scope of work.

Each year, we work to consistently improve the program, taking into account all of the feedback we receive from grantee and employee participants. This year, we launched a new Project Manager training to ensure our project leaders had all the tools they needed to successfully manage the project, create clear goals and expectations and work towards project success.

Not only does this pro bono program provide our employees with a chance to give back, but it also allows them to grow professionally by taking on consulting work, managing a project team, gaining exposure to employees they don’t typically work with and building their NetSuite platform skills. Over the past two years, we’ve heard from our charity partners that SuiteVolunteers is a valuable instrument and resource for their operations, helping them overcome their future challenges, increase their confidence and knowledge about NetSuite and build internal capacity.

We are delighted to announce the 2015 Q1 SuiteVolunteer Grantees:

1. Aim Institute
2. Alter Eco Americas PBC
3. Ashoka Egypt
4. Ashoka Korea
5. Ashoka Philippines
6. Ashoka Singapore
7. AyurVAID Hospitals
8. Cabrillo Education Foundation
9. Chai Biotechnologies
10. Child Advocates of SW Connecticut
11. Colorado Orthodontic Foundation
12. Digital Divide Data
13. Gerson Institute
14. Good360
15. Haciendo Camino Asociación Civil
16. HELP/PSI, Inc
17. IdeaSpace Foundation Philippines
18. Imara Foundation
19. iOme Inc.
20. Lower Lights Christian Health Center
21. Magnolia Road Internet Cooperative
22. Oshman Family Jewish Community Center
23. Peninsula Ballet Theatre
24. Plan International USA
25. Positive Coaching Alliance
26. Reclaim Detroit (Program of EcoWorks)
27. San Francisco Zen Center
28. Singing Rooster Inc.
29. Solar Site Design
30. St. Benedict Technology Consortium
31. The Caring and Sharing Exchange
32. The DeafVibe Foundation
33. The Luke Commission
34. Youth at Venture Philippines Foundation

We can’t wait to share the great pro bono success stories in the upcoming quarters. Stay tuned for the Q2 application to open in March. To know more about the projects that we offer this year, check-out the project list here!

Posted by Erin Dieterich, Director, Corporate Citizenship, NetSuite.org