You'll know he's the one when ...

Finding your match made in Eco-Heaven
Feb 4, 2010 4:05 PM ET

You'll know he's the one when ...

Finding your match made in eco-heaven

There's no denying it. Searching for that perfect someone is tough. There are lots of criteria to meet. Must be tall. Must have good manners. Must shower. Must recycle. Finding the perfect match is important not only for your happiness, but if it's important to you to preserve our earth's resources, then it's also important you pick out someone who shares those same values.

So, you finally find a candidate lover, and now you want to know a couple of things about him. Like say, is he eco-conscious or environmentally fragile? To find out, finagle your way over to his place for a night of cooking.

You'll know he's green if and when...

  • He picks you up in a Tesla Roadster. Or at least wishes he had.

  • On the way to his home, you stop at the grocery store to grab some ingredients and a bottle of wine. He busts out his not only reusable, but recycled as well, shopping bags, and answers "neither" to the "Do you want paper or plastic?" question.

  • When you get to his house, he takes off his pair of Toms (or Simple or other equally environmentally friendly shoes) when he enters the door.

  • He has a bin for his recyclables. He rinses out all cans/plastics/glass containers used while cooking dinner that night and puts them in it.

  • Most, if not all, of his countertop appliances are not plugged into the wall--including the blender.

  • Scoping out the house, you note he's got a copy of The Omnivore's Dilemma on his bookshelf.

  • He has some form of upcycled artwork displayed in his place.

  • When you comment on the artwork using the term "upcycled," he gets it.

  • On your way out the door that night, he doesn't think it's weird when you ask to take the wine cork home with you for a future art project.

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