World Bank, SAP Jointly Address Skills Development in Africa

World Bank, SAP Jointly Address Skills Development in Africa

Friday, October 18, 2013 - 11:40am

CAMPAIGN: SAP Supports Sustainable Growth in Emerging Economies

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SAP Africa, a subsidiary of SAP AG, and the World Bank are moving forward with plans to collaborate on skills development in Africa, the groups announced earlier this month. The move comes shortly after the launch of SAP’s Skills for Africa program, through which the company will train 2,500 students in developing IT skills to boost access to education and support for entrepreneurs, and marks the latest SAP investment in the region.

After announcing the collaboration, SAP Africa CEO Pfungwa Serima attended the Corporate Council on Africa’s 2013 US-Africa Business Summit in Chicago, along with a series of meetings across the U.S. that focused on refining synergies between African operations and the African objectives of the World Bank.

“SAP recognizes that promoting education and training is one of the best ways to improve the problem of chronic youth unemployment, an issue affecting the technology industry as a whole,” Serima said. “With growth and the scarcity of skills on the African continent a prominent issue on our minds, we anticipate that our collaboration with the World Bank will amplify our efforts to develop world-class IT and business skills and give Africa’s youth an opportunity to play a role in contributing towards Africa’s future economic growth and infrastructure development.”

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