Woolly Vagabond Handbag Lets You Take Nature To Lunch

Woolly Vagabond Handbag Lets You Take Nature To Lunch

Now you can take nature with you wherever you go.
Friday, January 22, 2010 - 2:00pm


For those on the fashion edge, there’s a new accessory on the market that will let you dote on your plant friends just as much as Paris Hilton dotes on her little dog. The Woolly Vagabond living handbag lets you carry a little nature with you wherever you go.

The Vagabond plant purse is made from breathable felt sides constructed out of recycled plastic bottles. It also has a moisture barrier made up of 60 percent recycled plastic bottles. It doesn’t come with a plant, unfortunately, you’ll have to provide that yourself. But if you have a favorite that you just can’t stand to leave at home alone, this is the purse for you.

Once safely nestled into your Vagabond, your favorite foliage-friend becomes a beautifully cascading eco-fashion accessory, neatly tucked into a basket made from recycled leather handles.

When not sporting around town on your arm, it can gracefully hang from the ceiling or stand on any table. Best of all, people will gaze curiously when you pull your wallet from underneath the lush foliage. I guess that takes the idea of burying your money to a whole new level.

But seriously, it is a cute bag and a novel idea. I wonder how heavy it is, especially after watering. But with spring about to, uhh, spring, this new look might catch on. The Woolly Vagabond will look great with a sweet dress and flats. But I can’t really see it riding the metro in a business suit, no matter what the website describes.

The Vagabond is the brain-child of Miguel Nelson, who also brought us Woolly Pockets, a low-stress, contained gardening option. He was inspired by the French gardens he and his wife have visited over the years.

If you decide to leave your leafy friend at home, you can purchase an optional hanging system for your Vagabond separately. It has a circular reclaimed wood base with a brass hanging chain.

If you do pop for the $140 the Vagabond will set you back, I can’t imagine why you’d leave it behind. It may not be the most expensive handbag on the market, but I think it will qualify as the “greenest.” Unless you decide to fill it with daisies.

Via Mother Nature Network

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