Women’s History Month Spotlight: Tracey Edwards Leads Corporate Social Responsibility for Sands New York

Mar 21, 2024 8:15 AM ET
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As part of Women’s History Month 2024, Sands is featuring women who help drive the company’s success and exemplify its culture of professional growth and advancement. After holding a variety of corporate, civic and nonprofit leadership positions, Tracey Edwards joined Sands New York this past year and is the region’s newly appointed senior vice president/corporate social responsibility officer.

Prior to joining Sands New York, Edwards served as Commissioner of the New York State Public Service Commission, which ensures secure and reliable access to electric, gas, steam, telecommunications and water services for New York State’s residential and business consumers while protecting the natural environment.

Edwards spent a significant portion of her career in at Verizon where she held a variety of leadership positions. As region president, Edwards led a team of 4,000 employees responsible for field operations of voice, broadband and video services across the state of New York. Prior to her region president role, she led staffing and diversity for Verizon, responsible for ethics, hiring, recruitment, diversity councils and human resource policies. Edwards also served as president of the Empire City Subway Company, a subsidiary of Verizon that specializes in subsurface engineering and construction services.

After many years as a corporate executive, Edwards started her own consulting company focused on branding; diversity, equity and inclusion; and organizational, workforce and economic development.

She currently serves on the boards of directors for the NAACP, New Hour for Women and Children, and the Scott J. Beigel Memorial Fund, and is the Long Island regional director of the NAACP New York State Conference. Edwards is a former board member of the United Way of Long Island, former executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk and past president of the Melville Lions Club.

Outline your career path and current role with Sands New York.

“After over a 30-year career in the public and private sector, I was honored to join Sands in October 2023 as senior vice president, corporate social responsibility officer. My role is to integrate our strategic plan and initiatives for our planned integrated resort operation in New York.”

What skills, trainings, mentors or experiences have helped you build a successful career?

“I was blessed to have a circle of women who worked in multiple departments that I could call on for advice, counsel and assistance. I, in turn, did the same for them. You need to realize that it is easier if you depend on and help each other along the way. I also had male and female champions who helped me with my journey.

“My drive was to make sure that no one (male or female) could out-work me, but I also recognized that as women we try to be all things to everyone, which is not possible all the time. We need to pace ourselves and stay healthy while we work hard.

“After surviving breast cancer, I cherished naps! After work, I would lay down for 20 minutes, and then power back up to handle the rest of my family stuff or complete work I took home.”

What are your ideas for evolving workplace to better support and empower women?

“Joining the EmpowHER Team Member resource group for women is a good start. Also, have executives lead a program of mentoring moments where you layout situational exercises and have those in power provide advice.”

What advice do you have for women or anyone who wants to advance in their careers?

“Volunteer for tough assignments and move around the business laterally so that you can learn about the many functions within the corporation.

“Once you learn more and more about the business, promotional opportunities will come. The focus should be about growing the business and exceeding the objectives through innovation.

“I also wanted to perform the jobs that no one else wanted to do, which made my position and brand more valuable.”