Why Electronic Ingredient Lists Should be a 'Must-See' at CES

Jan 8, 2014 3:15 PM ET

Original article by Pamela Gordon and Tony Kingsbury on GreenBiz.com

Those attending the Consumer Electronics Show, taking place Jan. 7-10 in Las Vegas, can feast their eyes on 3,200 exhibitors' sparkling new products. What attendees won't be able to see are those products' ingredient lists. With more "ingredients" than in your typical morning cereal or shampoo, electronic products have long global supply chains, making it difficult for electronics companies to completely and definitely answer the question: "What's in my products?"

Why is it important that this question be answered more quickly and clearly? Here are three good reasons:

1. Corporate customers can require it. For example, Sony's 2001 Green Partner Standards convinced Coherent Inc.'s CEO — under threat of losing a third of the company's revenues — to designate an SVP to create and maintain two comprehensive databases: one of substances in the electronics portion and another for the mechanical parts of Coherent's laser systems.

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Original source GreenBiz.com.