Why Choose Compassion?

Spirituality & Health Magazine's Special Issue Offers A New Approach to Healing Ourselves and the Planet
May 29, 2015 2:00 PM ET

Awakening to Compassion

By Bianca Alexander

Why choose compassion? ‪In a world driven by fear, competition and greed, compassion offers a new approach to healing ourselves and the planet. ‪In the Soul Body Connection, a special issue from Spirituality & Health Magazine, readers are invited to cultivate practical tools which can help them experience a greater soul awareness. From soothing bath rituals and planting gardens that delight the senses, to finding a divine teacher, this special issue provides stepping stones on the path to discovering the joy within.

‪In “Rumi: The Way of the Lover,” readers can indulge in the sublime words of an ancient poet. In “20 Reasons to Love the Bhagavad Gita,” we capture a glimpse behind the veiled curtains of an illumined text. And in “Destined for Joy,” witness the unconditional peace and happiness described by Tibetan meditation master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche.  The time is now for us to forgive ourselves for whatever is holding us back and make life count from here on – to become the heroes of our own great myths.

The spiritual journey—the journey to total aliveness—encompasses all of this struggle and joy. We succumb to our worst; we chase our best; and at some point we awaken to compassion—for ourselves and everyone else. You are invited to read these pieces and more in the 2015 Soul Body Connection. This special issue is available now for purchase by clicking here.

To learn more about this special issue, I caught up with the magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Kiesling.

Bianca Alexander: Spirituality & Health's current special issue is entitled The Soul Body Connection. Why did you create this special issue?

Stephen Kiesling: This is our fourth annual special issue, and each one has given us the opportunity to reflect on our very best writers and work through the years. These special issues have been very well received because each one is a new journey in itself. The breadth of real wisdom packed into each special issue is amazing.

BA: In your introduction to the issue, you make the case that compassion for ourselves and others is a key tool for spiritual growth. In what ways does this issue help readers develop that tool?

SK: Most people who pick up this special issue will have at least glimpsed the unconditional peace and joy at the very core of our being. But our readers will also have experienced the cutthroat competitiveness that’s also at the core of our being.  Compassion for ourselves and others is understanding both—and making choices. This issue really helps with that.

BA: In the article, "Why the Human Species Will Finally Grow Up," writer Louise Danielle Palmer asserts that human beings are one of the youngest species on earth, just mid-stage in our evolution. What role do you think Spirituality & Health Magazine is playing in our evolution as a species? 

SK: To quote evolutionary biology Elizabeth Sahtouris “Some of us are still trapped in competition and survival mode, while others are moving toward collaboration and cooperation.” Part of what we do at Spirituality & Health is to make the case stronger for collaboration—blending ancient knowledge and practices with modern neuroscience and psychology to navigate our world more happily and successfully.

BA: This issue offers unique perspectives from a variety of spiritual traditions and beliefs, how does this benefit your readers?

SK: We have readers representing many faiths and wisdom traditions as well as atheists and agnostics. No matter what you believe—or don’t believe—faith without doubt leads to poor choices. There is a lot to be learned from reading a variety of perspectives. In this special issue, we look at the 23rd Psalm, the Bhagavad Gita, and the poems of Rumi.

BA: What impact can the media, including publications like Spirituality & Health have on the consciousness of the planet?

SK: A lot of people are “awakening.” The beliefs we grew up with aren’t true for us anymore. The foods we used to eat now make us feel sick. But sometimes even our families don’t understand or appreciate how we have changed. Conscious media is a way of sharing our stories and supporting one another as we create healthier lives, healthier communities and a healthier planet.

The issue is available now on newstands, or to purchase the issue click here.