Watch: When is Business at its Best?

Watch: When is Business at its Best?

Join the movement to drive shared value at your organization

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Shared value is tough to do alone. The Shared Value Initiative is here to help.


Let's work together to make business better. Watch the 90-second motiongraphic to learn how the Shared Value Initiative supports shared value work around the world.

Monday, July 14, 2014 - 8:00am


Business is at its best when it helps people and profits. But it's hard to do alone. To create change on this level, you need resources to get the job done, the right partners, and a community of practice where you can pool and percolate your best ideas. For these reasons, the Shared Value Initiative is here to help.
We’re proud to present a new 90-second video that conveys who we are, what we do, and how we’re going to help your organization drive both business and social value. We encourage you to use this film as a tool for spreading the shared value strategy: Please share it with your teams, networks, potential partners, your boss, even your CEO. Post it to LinkedIn, Facebook, and click this link to tweet about it
Shared value strategies are reshaping businesses and organizations around the world. Yet we at the Shared Value Initiative are impatient to create this change, faster. Join the community and motivate the business world around the opportunity of solving social problems while growing profits. 
Watch When is Business at its Best? to learn about what we do Then, join the community to contribute to this growing global movement.


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