VolunteerMatch Solutions: The Fun Theory… of Employee Engagement

Feb 1, 2012 1:00 PM ET

Volunteering is CSR

Are you having fun?

Problem: you’re having trouble motivating employees to participate in your program. Sign-ups for special events are low, and attendance is even lower. They’re not using their paid time off, and for goodness’ sake, why won’t they track their hours?!

You need to find a way to change all this. They’ve been through the orientation and training sessions, so you know they know the tools. They’ve been to multiple assemblies with the CEO inspiring them with how important and noble participation is. And yet, employees are still not participating in the volunteer program. You need to find a way to actually change their behavior.

You could make it mandatory – but this seems like a last resort sort of solution. Besides, it would conflict with your goal of having engaged, loyal employees.

You could offer extra pay for participation. But can you afford it? Is this sustainable?

Here’s a better solution: Make it fun.

I recently stumbled across this old campaign, “The Fun Theory,” from Volkswagen. Aside from being a cool cause marketing campaign, it introduces a fascinating concept: Fun can change behavior for the better.

To watch the video and read on, visit the Volunteering Is CSR blog.