VIDEO: Northern Trust Corporate Social Responsibility

Feb 27, 2014 8:00 AM ET

Corporate responsibility is nothing new to Northern Trust. A commitment to the well-being of our people, clients, and communities is central to our culture of caring. But our accomplishments stem not only from our efforts around diversity, community affairs, and environmental efforts, they are rooted in the way we conduct business. High standards of integrity, ethics, and socially responsible investing are also our hallmarks. During challenging economic times, Northern Trust has proven that we understand how to balance risk with reward. And these values will continue to guide us, regardless of the economic environment.

Our culture of caring, along with our commitment to excellence in execution, informs our corporate responsibility practice. This commitment allows us to move beyond compliance to value creation. Our long term success remains rooted in our understanding of the connectedness of our company, our community, our clients, and partners. Our global network of offices serves clients in 40 countries across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region. We focus on the connection between society and business.

Our core principles of service, expertise, and integrity are the pillars that allow us to put our clients' interests first. We work to get a deep understanding of our client's goals, and create solutions based on their needs and aspirations. Our relationships with our clients, partners, and communities are demonstrated by our commitment to philanthropy, diversity, and a conservation-minded approach to our environment. For more than 120 years, we have supported the communities in which we work and live. Whether it is volunteer hours, over 180,000 in 2010, or the more than $120 million we have contributed globally during the past 10 years to many philanthropic organizations. For Northern Trust, corporate social responsibility means strong financial performance, operating with the highest level of ethics and integrity, and creating value for our clients, our partners, and our communities worldwide.

As we have since our founding in 1889, Northern Trust will continue to work with our clients, shareholders, partners, and other stakeholder groups to develop innovative solutions to advance our shared goals. Because the real bottom line is, we're all in this together. And together, we can make a difference.