VIDEO | Global Transformation by Investing in Youth Education

Jul 17, 2018 10:25 AM ET

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for skilled workers continues to rise and is becoming employers’ favorable choice to replace traditional long-term workers. However, there is a mismatch between the skills that workers can offer and what employers are demanding. This gap impacts not only economies but also hampers the transition to equitable and inclusive societies. Therefore, developing skills among the youth is becoming crucial to ensure the overall improvement of business and society.

Schneider Electric encourages youth to continually acquire new skills and provides volunteering programs to improve their livelihoods. Since 2009, Schneider Electric teachers NGO have trained over 150,000 unemployed youth from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. For example, Schneider Electric established a training laboratory in Ho Chi Minh City that trained 650 underprivileged youth in electricity, sustainable energy management and entrepreneurship and all of them secured a job after graduation. 

In honor of World Youth Skills Day, which is celebrated every year on July 15th and as part of UN SDG Goal #4, stakeholders in public and private sectors should strive to ensure that youth in rural areas are able to contribute to the economic progress of society by acquiring key skills. As part of this plan, Schneider Electric aims to train 350,000 underprivileged people in energy management and devote 12,000 days for volunteering from its VolunteerIn platform.  The company believes today’s young people are the first generation that could end poverty and the last that could act to avoid the worst effects of climate change.                                                                 

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