Top 10 Reasons Why MGM Resorts Is an Employer of Choice

Aug 30, 2017 10:00 AM ET

MGM Resorts International's 2016 CSR Report

Top 10 Reasons Why MGM Resorts Is An Employer of Choice 

  1. We are a global leader in entertainment and hospitality with operations in several U.S. jurisdictions and in Macau, China, featuring first-in-class resorts, state-of-the-art business systems, technology and know-how, and advanced industry innovations. 
  2. We provide quality jobs that pay competitive wages and benefits and offer career growth opportunities.
  3. We are a recognized leader in diversity and inclusion, and seek and retain diverse talented people from around the globe. We foster an inclusive work environment that embraces the broad diversity and inclusion of our employees as competitive strengths. 
  4. We promote a culture where our employees feel safe, respected, empowered and valued for who they are and their contributions. We place a high priority on recognition of our employees for great guest service and job performance.
  5. We offer our employees great opportunities for learning, development, feedback and coaching essential to career growth. 
  6. We invest in the development of leaders, whether individual team members or team leaders, and we expect our leaders to demonstrate behaviors that promote a positive culture and work environment for our employees.
  7. We cultivate high employee engagement in our mission, vision and core values of integrity, inclusion, teamwork and excellence.
  8. We practice and encourage Corporate Social Responsibility as a fundamental part of our character, our core values and the way we do business.
  9. Our company makes significant philanthropic contributions, and we encourage our employees to give according to their choice and means, to support the quality and development of our host communities.
  10. We are a recognized leader in environmental sustainability, and we have well-developed, multifaceted sustainability programs