Technology Director Shares Her Top 5 Career Tips

Dec 7, 2021 10:45 AM ET
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Felicia Rives started with The Home Depot in 1996 after graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in computer science. Over the next 25 years, she worked her way up in the technology department, tackling new roles and responsibilities as they arose.

Currently a technology director, Felicia is passionate about empowering others to be their best and being the type of leader she had early in her Home Depot career.

Here are five tips from Felicia that career professionals, including those in the technology space, can take advantage of:

It’s natural to focus on your flaws and weaknesses, but this often drains your energy. It’s more productive to target your career through the lens of your strengths. Maximizing your strengths also allows others to see you at your best instead of focusing on those areas in development.

Mentors can point out your blind spots and help you navigate through those difficult moments and situations. They’re also great at identifying personal strengths you may not notice.

Stay hungry for knowledge and insight. Whether it’s career advice or sharpening your leadership skills, strive to continue adding to your personal “toolbox.” Expand your areas of expertise and knowledge of the new technology trends with activities like reading, attending conferences and asking for individual feedback.

Don’t underestimate the power of your voice. We’ve all been in a meeting where that one person won’t allow others to talk. And while you shouldn’t swing to that side of the pendulum, it’s essential to share your perspective when the opportunity is right.

You will make mistakes but realize that there are always several paths out of one. Get back up and find your way back to your plan.

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