Technology Director and 25-Year Associate Shares Her Philosophy for Success

Feb 3, 2022 10:30 AM ET
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“Stay the course, even on those unpaved paths,” says Home Depot Technology Director Felicia Rives. This philosophy is Felicia’s guiding principle as a leader and as a mother of three daughters. But before she held those two titles, Felicia learned as a student in college the importance of persevering in uncomfortable situations.

“When I was in school pursuing my degree in computer science, there weren’t a lot of females or people of color in classes with me,” Felicia recalls. “It was a very uncomfortable feeling at first, but it taught me to follow my personal passions without letting my surroundings dictate what was possible.”

Editor’s Note: Photos were taken pre-COVID-19.

Felicia didn’t stumble upon computer science; she had an interest in technology at an early age. “My father was an IT professional, so watching his career encouraged me to pursue something similar for myself,” she says. “I also took my first coding class in high school, and I did well in the class and actually enjoyed myself.”

Felicia graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Georgia Tech. Her first role after college was with The Home Depot as a lead IT developer. From there, Felicia grew her 25-year career at The Home Depot where she now works as a technology director.

If not a technology professional, she says she’d most likely have a career in music. “I’m classically trained on the piano and flute, and I’m also a singer,” she says. And just as she followed in her father’s footsteps, two of her daughters are currently pursuing a path in classical music.

“I share the same philosophy with my daughters as I do with my team members,” says Felicia. “There will always be those moments when we question our ability to push forward, but my goal is to encourage, just as I have been encouraged on my journey.”

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