Tech Companies Join BSR Renewable Energy Sourcing Initiative

Tech Companies Join BSR Renewable Energy Sourcing Initiative

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Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Some leading Internet companies have teamed up with Business for Social Responsibility to focus on low-carbon power sourcing for their data centers. Facebook, HP, Adobe, eBay, Symantec, and, along with BSR, have created the Future of Internet Power, a leadership initiative that will address the sourcing of electric power.

Data centers account for one to two percent of all electricity use in the U.S., and much of the carbon footprint of Internet companies. While many operators are investing in energy-efficient equipment and infrastructure, sustainable sourcing of energy has lagged as the growth of data centers has exploded.

Companies are just now beginning to take steps to power their data centers with clean energy. plans to ask its providers to increase their supply of renewable energy. And Facebook’s siting policy for new centers includes a preference for access to clean energy. But progress has been slowed by several challenges. They range from the higher cost of renewable energy to the complexities of managing outsourced power from utilities that comes from multiple suppliers. Also, regulations that govern energy policy are piecemeal, and don’t encourage partnerships to take on the complex issues in a comprehensive way.

The Future of Internet Power will also work with policymakers and utilities to find more and better ways to work together. With their collective history of creative innovation, these Internet businesses, working with BSR, are well positioned to lead the way to a future powered by cleaner energy.

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