Taking Customer Service to the Next Level at Sappi North America

Sappi highlights a few of the ways it meets consumers' needs
Oct 31, 2017 6:30 PM ET

Sappi understands the importance of creating innovative solutions that meet evolving customer needs. Our future success depends on listening to, communicating with and responding to our customers. From award-winning marketing collateral to sophisticated approaches to customer collaboration and product development, Sappi stands apart.

McCoy celebrates 20 years

Twenty years ago, Sappi’s Cloquet Mill presented McCoy as the best of the best paper—against which all others would be judged, and that promise continues to hold true today. To help celebrate the anniversary of this extraordinary paper, we produced a set of cards that customers can use to build customized structures, somewhat reminiscent of the way many of the world’s most beloved companies build their brands using McCoy. In a clever way, each card positions McCoy as the ideal paper for creatives who value the details, reinforcing paper choice as a key ingredient to great design.

Neuroscience of Touch

Sappi North America received the Positively Print award, co-sponsored by the Graphic Arts Show Company (GASC) and Two Sides North America, for its 2015 promotion, Haptic Brain, Haptic Brand: A Communicator’s Guide to the Neuroscience of Touch. 

The Positively Print award is given to the individual, company or organization that develops a program or ad campaign that best illustrates the strengths, sustainability and value of print as a marketing medium. Our campaign included a book printed on McCoy, six video shorts, a microsite and live events featuring Dr. David Eagleman, a leading neuroscientist and haptics specialist.

“Sappi has long emphasized the science behind how media affects communication,” said Deece Hannigan, Vice President of Sappi North America’s Coated and Packaging Business. “The scientific exploration on this project was conducted by Dr. David Eagleman, who extensively researched how different media shapes perception, and more specifically, how our sense of touch impacts our experience with corporate communications and brands. With his studies, Dr. Eagleman broke new ground, finding that paper quality significantly affects viewer response.”

Specialised Cellulose

A truly sustainable raw material, dissolving wood pulp is noted for its versatility. End use applications include textiles used in high-end fashion, bio-based plastics and other specialty products. We’re innovators in this market, capitalizing on years of experience to create customized solutions across multiple sectors. Sappi’s global sales and marketing team has intimate customer connections with world-leading companies. 

Holiday Kit on Opus

Sappi North America was named a 2016 PPI Award winner in its “Bringing Paper to Life—Innovative Printing & Writing Campaign of the Year” category for our 2015 Holiday Kit. The kit contained a holidaythemed gift box, bag, wrapping paper, cards and tags, all printed on Opus. More than a great example of Opus’ many applications, the kit also leveraged the science of touch to trigger a connection between the Sappi brand and the recipient, proving paper’s ability to deliver a truly memorable customer experience. To complete the sensory experience, the wrapping paper component utilized coating techniques to replicate the scent of cinnamon and peppermint.

Rainbow and Charm

Our newest Rainbow and Charm release textures feature a unique, built-in micropattern that, without the use of extra additives or coatings, creates a colorful, holographic effect when light reflects off it. Unlike others on the market, our product won’t crack because it doesn’t use foil to achieve the look. Thanks to its sensational style and magnetic appeal, these new developments—among the most diverse textures Sappi offers—are getting people excited. And because they’ll look stunning on sport shoes, apparel and accessories, technology products, handbags, luggage and even laminate surfaces, the possible applications are nearly endless. 


Sappi’s new website unites all of our business units on a single global platform. No matter what stakeholders come to the site searching for—product specifications, the latest Sustainability Reports, global updates, educational resources or investor content—the new website will help them find it faster.

Advancements in Packaging McCoy Gift Card and LusterCote

Sappi saw two advancements in its packaging grades this year in North America. First was the expansion of its LusterCote product line to include heavyweight options. This update provides press operators, brand owners and graphic designers with superior performance on a wide range of coated one-side (C1S) applications, including litho labels, envelopes, book dust jackets, set-up boxes and point-of-purchase displays, and now, banderole. This expansion complements the 55 and 60lb grades that were introduced the previous year, primarily targeting the cut & stack label market.

The second advancement was the introduction of the McCoy Gift Card 28pt to its McCoy line in North America. Our corporate customers can now ensure brand consistency throughout all marketing efforts by using the entire McCoy paper line for all of their printing needs. McCoy gift cards offer effortless design defined by the details, durability for daily use and production using renewable resources that help reduce environmental impact.

Read more from Sappi North America's 2016 Sustainability Report here: http://bit.ly/SNA-2016SR