Stellantis Celebrates Earth Day and its Wildlife Habitat Council Partnership (VIDEO)

Apr 22, 2021 3:50 PM ET

In celebration of Earth Day, Stellantis is reflecting on its partnership with the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) and various initiatives the Company has accomplished with the global non-profit in recent years along with sharing some insights from WHC President Margaret O’Gorman.

This partnership between Stellantis and the Wildlife Habitat Council was established in 2017, and since then, the Company has been working with the WHC to restore and enhance wildlife habitat at 40 sites around the globe.

These include a number of habitat projects for conservation, education and recreation for employees to enjoy, maintain and interact with nature.

“There is not enough land protected and in public ownership across the world to provide the habitats we need for a vibrant, colorful, natural world,” said Margaret O’Gorman, president of Wildlife Habitat Council. “By contributing its lands to the biodiversity crisis, the private sector makes a very important statement and action toward creating healthy ecosystems and habitats.”

O’Gorman recognized the multi-faceted project at the Auburn Hills facility, which includes a monarch butterfly waystation, pollinator gardens and bat houses. Additionally, in the middle of the facility’s test track is a heron rookery where more than 25 pairs of great blue herons have nested since 2006.

When asked what Stellantis employees can do in their own respective home or work settings to help the environment, O’Gorman responded, “Every act of conservation matters, and whatever you can do in whatever patch of ground that you have to support biodiversity, it all makes a difference in the end.”

NOTE: The video represents activities during the Company's nearly five-year relationship with WHC. For activities during the pandemic, COVID-19 protocols were in place.