Standard Biocarbon Corporation and Germany's PYREG GmbH Sign Exclusivity and Distribution Agreement

Standard Biocarbon Corporation and Germany's PYREG GmbH Sign Exclusivity and Distribution Agreement

Partnership offers exclusive use of Pyreg’s state of the art pyrolysis technology in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021 - 11:45am

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PORTLAND, Maine, July 14, 2021 /3BL Media/ - CleanTech startup Standard Biocarbon Corporation (SBC), announced today an agreement with Germany’s Pyreg GmbH (Pyreg) for exclusive use regionally of their technology for processing biomass. SBC has two of Pyreg’s latest and largest plants on order and scheduled for commissioning in East Millinocket, ME in the first quarter of 2022. The exclusivity provisions in this agreement cover New York, the New England states and Ontario, Quebec and the Canadian Maritimes. SBC will also partner with Pyreg to distribute the technology throughout North America. Pyreg has been designing and manufacturing precision equipment for the conversion of biogenic residues into valuable biocarbon (aka biochar) and energy since 2010 and is a recognized global leader in the technology with over 30 plants operating in Europe, North America and Asia. The European biochar markets are more mature than in North America, regulated by European Biochar Commission (EBC) which has established strict standards for production methodologies and quality. This agreement protects SBC’s investment in the development of markets for this ultra high quality “EBC standard” biochar locally while helping Pyreg establish a broader presence in North America.

What is Biochar?

Biochar is produced by carbonization (a process similar to pyrolysis, an anaerobic thermo chemical conversion) of biomass yielding a stable, porous material that is near pure carbon. Biochar does not decay in nature enabling it to persist in soils or materials for hundreds or thousands of years, breaking the carbon cycle and making permanent trees’ highly efficient (but short lived) removal of atmospheric C02. Biochar has myriad high value applications in agriculture, environmental remediation and construction materials. In agricultural applications biochar builds soil carbon, increasing productivity and reducing fertilizer and water use. Biochar can also be highly effective in hazardous waste remediation including PFAS and heavy metals contamination of soils and groundwater. Biochar based plastics and additions to construction materials also represent compelling growth opportunities.

The biochar industry in Europe is well developed, with the EBC setting quality and production standards and a rapidly growing voluntary carbon removals market with demand outstripping supply. Replication of this model in North America will require scaling production of consistent quality, clean “EBC standard” biochar which can only be produced on purpose made equipment processing clean feedstocks, not by repurposing biomass power plant ash as is commonly the practice here. In order to meet the demand for high-quality products, SBC intends to use only high-quality and pure biomass - especially in view of the fact that some geologically occurring heavy metals cannot be removed by carbonization. SBC’s location in the heart of Maine’s vast and pristine wood basket offers reliable long term supplies of these feedstocks.

“Proven, reliable continuous flow technology to efficiently manufacture to precise specifications is at the core of our strategy to build a modern, scalable biochar sector in North America and Pyreg uniquely meets all of these criteria”, said Fred Horton, CEO of Standard Biocarbon. “Over the last 18 months we have built solid working relationships with the sales, engineering and management teams at Pyreg as we negotiated the purchase of our first two machines. We have developed a high degree of mutual trust and respect which forms the foundation of this expanded relationship” added Horton.

“We are very pleased to have gained such a strong strategic partner for the American and Canadian market. Especially such a densely forested region is perfectly suited for the production of high quality biochar and thus for the creation of new Co2 sinks”, said Jörg zu Dohna, CEO of PYREG. “Today more than ever, such sustainable solutions are of paramount importance. The international climate targets can only be achieved through such Greentech solutions.”


Supporting Rural Revitalization and Sustainable Forestry

Standard Biocarbon’s production of biochar will begin in the spring of 2022 on the site of the former Great Northern Paper Company mill in East Millinocket Maine, the gateway to 17 million acres of working forests and terminus of the legendary Golden Road. Since 2014 multiple paper mills and biomass power plants in the region have closed causing the loss for the demand for over 4 million tons of low grade wood. Biochar production will help fill that void, supporting a robust sustainable forestry industry with productive repurposing of the former paper mill, expanding supply of a commodity with myriad environmental benefits, and permanently removing C02 from the atmosphere.


Partnership with Pyreg GmbH

In addition to SBC’s recent purchase of two of Pyreg’s PX-1500H biomass plants for commissioning in the first quarter of 2022, SBC will be supporting distribution of PYREG’s biomass processing technology throughout other regions of the U.S. and Canada. As the only biomass plant in North America using the Pyreg technology SBC is uniquely positioned to assist Pyreg with other potential customers across the US and Canada. The regional exclusivity agreement enables this cooperation while also clearing the way for SBC to invest in product and market development for high quality biochar with reduced risk of local competition.


About Standard Biocarbon

Standard Biocarbon has a mission to lead the creation of a modern North American biochar industry as part of a global climate solution. Situated on the site of the former Great Northern Paper Compan mill in East Millinocket Maine, the company will manufacture high quality European standard biochar from locally sourced forest products which have traditionally been used for paper or power generation, both in decline. Our goal is to create a new growth industry, leveraging the infrastructure of the paper and pulp age to serve growing demand for better soil, cleaner water and less CO2 in the air. For more information, visit


About Pyreg GmbH

PYREG systems “close the loop”. The German company, founded in 2010, is the market leader in the carbonization of organic waste (biomass, sewage sludge, etc.) into valuable biochar, while at the same time generating useful thermal energy. All PYREG plants are certified by the industry EBC C-Sink Certificate, designed to ensure harmonized and verifiable standards for climate-protective biochar production. Using the PYREG Standard System PX 1500, an average output of 700 tons of biochar can be produced every year. Incorporated into the soil as a soil improver, this biochar can sequester 1.600 CO₂ per year. This sequestered CO2 amount can be certified and used either to achieve sustainable corporate goals (CSR), or to trade them as CO2Removal Certificates (CORCs) on the open market.


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