Sociology Professor Helps Students Bridge the Generation Gap With Service

Sociology Professor Helps Students Bridge the Generation Gap With Service

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Dr. Keith Whitworth shares a ride with two participants in the Cycling Without Age program, along the Trinity River trail in Fort Worth, Texas.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 12:30pm

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Finding a common thread between generations can sometimes be difficult these days. So, when one of Dr. Keith Whitworth’s students brought Cycling Without Age to his attention, he immediately jumped at the opportunity to bring the program to Texas Christian University.

With roots in Copenhagen, Denmark, Cycling Without Age got its start in 2012 when co-founder Ole Kassow identified a need in his community. Riding his bike past a nursing home every day, Ole always saw the same elderly man sitting outside. Because biking is an important part of Danish culture, Ole wanted to give the man the opportunity to share the experience with him; so he rented a rickshaw and took him for a ride. What started as one ride eventually turned into an international program, which has now been adopted in 34 countries.

A sociology professor at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Whitworth is an avid cyclist and holds a master’s degree in gerontology. A program that combines cycling and working with the elderly seemed like the perfect match for him. He also saw the program as an opportunity for his students to get involved in the community and engaged in service.

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