A Simple Way to Make Sure You Have a Great Vacation Next Year

Aug 17, 2018 2:45 PM ET
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Source: Laura Lennon, Laura and Miles Lennon on Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto, Japan, earlier this year.

Originally posted on CNBC

  • If vacation spending put you on edge this summer, start now to save next year’s getaway.
  • Most Americans value vacation time. Few bother to save for that precious time away.

People save for retirement. For college. For a down payment.

Few save for vacation.

Yet every year, about two-thirds of Americans put everyday life behind them and set off for some R&R, according to a Gallup poll taken in December.

Paying for it is another matter. Saving for vacation is not a priority for Americans, says a survey from CIT Bank. In February, CIT surveyed 1,100 U.S. adults online to see how they save money, and how the money is earmarked.

Only about a third of people save for travel and vacation, CIT found.

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