The Secrets of Engaging Millennials - #3BLChat

Jan 28, 2014 4:30 PM ET

3BL Media’s recent Twitter chat focused 60 minutes of crowd sourced knowledge sharing with guest expert Chris Jarvis (@RealizedWorth) unearthed a treasure trove of resources and leadership examples.

A priority theme for many HR (and CSR) professionals, especially those in technology related industries, the conversation covered the range of sub-topics from recruitment, productivity, retention and communications. There is obviously a growing overlap between HR and CSR in general, but Millennial engagement is probably the strongest focal point, and for good business reasons.

50% of the workforce will be a Millennial by 2020

With an audience containing senior professionals from Kimberly Clark, GAP Inc, GSK, Cisco, Skype, REI in addition to many specialist experts, as well as the key guest, the conversation was full of insight and best practice examples.

Key themes discussed included work / life alignment (or Values Bundling as Chris J calls it), the natural entrepreneurial / disruptive ethos of Millennials, corporate versus individual values, flexible working, volunteering, social media communications, how to measure engagement performance and mentoring.

Network for Good also shared a sneak (now live) preview of their new ‘The Millennial Engagement Guide’.

For a fuller list of the #3BLchat questions, answers and content visit our Storify summary of the event.

Below is a list of additional shared facts and numerous resources curated from the event.

Shared facts:

  • 88% believe 'it's important for companies to give something back'
  • Millennials 10x more likely to become entrepreneurs
  • 86% would leave an employer who's values no longer met expectations
  • 71% of American workers are 'not engaged' or 'actively disengaged'
  • 38% of employees said they weren’t volunteering because they hadn’t been asked
  • 60% not interested in career in biz

Shared Resources: