School Wins $100,000 for Recycling!

School Wins $100,000 for Recycling!

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Melissa McGinnis reports for Greenopolis in Chicago at the very exciting Recycle Rally assembly at the Portage Theater where the St. Pascal School is about to be rewarded a hundred thousand dollar check. The small school performed beyond expected with students bringing over 300,000 containers of recyclables during a 3 month period. They beat out every other school all over the country to win the number 1 title and gracious check.

The school plans to use the money on "green" projects like converting their computer center to be run on solar. With leadership from Father Paul, it's no wonder this school won by leaps and bounds. Father Paul says it's great to be a part of a wonderful contest and to make such a difference and to recognize how the people behind the dream machine rally are doing good things not only for their own companies, not only for our school but for veterans who are in need. It's a tremendous gift for everybody. And it's great for the school to be able to teach kids how to treat God's creation. And that people need to take good care of all the good things. The earth is their number one gift. Teamwork is very important in the success of the school recycling campaign.

The school is planning to use the $100,000 for green improvements and to build an energy-efficient computer lab powered by solar energy. PepsiCo is really excited to help them. This is what social recycling is all about. When you look at a little school of a hundred and fifty students... they can recycle over 350,000 containers, which make up 10 tons of materials over a three-month period. And all of the organizations involved, the girl scouts, and other community organizations helping out—it really shows people what social recycling is all about. What a thrilling day. Chicago really is an incredible city!

Hope that you are inspired to recycle individually or to get your school to sign up for recycle rally and try to beat this school's number one defending title.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 8:00am

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