SAP Takes Social Responsibility to Heart

SAP Takes Social Responsibility to Heart

by Amanda McKeon
Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 4:25pm

CAMPAIGN: SAP Corporate Social Responsibility


If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you may have noticed a trend. I tend to focus on the humanitarian side of SAP. And why not? It’s always a great thing to see a company the size of SAP use its resources in a way that benefits all of us. I’ve written about the Skills for Africa program that brings opportunity to hundreds of people who face crippling unemployment rates. I’ve touched on SAP’s initiative to train and hire people with autism – people who are generally not acknowledged for their skills and abilities.

Now, SAP is expanding its activities in emerging markets by more than doubling the amount of employees it sends to disadvantaged communities through its social sabbatical initiative. The employees in this program are trained to help entrepreneurs and small to midsize companies succeed in this constantly changing market.

SAP’s social sabbatical initiative was launched in 2012, with the attention focused in three countries: Brazil, India, and South Africa. This year, SAP decided to expand its reach to China and will work with non-profits that support local businesses in Shanghai.

“SAP is a place where the next generation of leaders can apply their talents to improve people's lives and make an impact on the world around them,” says Torie Clarke, SAP’s Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs. “The social sabbatical allows us to provide our people with innovative development opportunities while strengthening entrepreneurship in emerging economies.”

To learn more about SAP’s social responsibility initiatives, be sure to read “A Socially Responsible Ecosystem: How SAP and Partners Work Together to Spur Social Change” by Angela Dunn in the latest issue of SAPinsider or visit SAP’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) page.