SAP Revs up Connected Car Drive with Toyota, VeriFone

SAP Revs up Connected Car Drive with Toyota, VeriFone


The German software giant is moving ahead full throttle with a number of initiatives centered around both connected and energy-efficient technologies in automobiles.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 6:40pm

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SAP is gearing up to tackle another spot along its connected car roadmap for long-term sustainability.

Announced amid the SAP Automotive Forum in Leipzig, Germany this week, the software giant is teaming up with Toyota and VeriFone on a project that could help in the reduction of fuel consumption — all thanks to a few apps and extra data.

The collaboration consists of an in-car display, which can actually be visualized from a panel built into the car or simply on a mobile device. The enhanced dashboard on the dashboard can then bring up at-a-glance stats on fuel levels while tapping into location-aware information, such as nearby gas stations and personalized coupon.

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