SAP Develops Workforce of the Future

by RP Siegel
May 21, 2015 1:45 PM ET

Original article on TriplePundit

Can a capitalist society, emerging from a legacy of exploitation of both planet and workers, give rise to companies that value the unique gifts that each employee brings to the table, rather than molding them into cogs in a giant machine as they once did? These two workforce management approaches just might be the difference between a sustainable society and a failed one.

We spoke with leaders at the business software maker SAP about this issue and the leading role that the company is taking to establish the workforce of the future.

Anka Witenberg, chief diversity officer for SAP, told us about the inclusiveness that defines the company’s workforce — extending, in some cases, beyond where other companies might look for workers. Then, Alicia Lenze, head of global CSR, and Markus Krug, who runs the global intrapreneurship program, spoke with us about opportunities that employees are being given to explore their passions in the context of their work.

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Original source: TriplePundit