SAP and the WWF share a common bond

SAP and the WWF share a common bond

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Monday, February 25, 2013 - 9:45am


SAP continues its work with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on an environmental campaign that raises awareness and helps preserve a big parcel of land in the Caucasus. WWF rates this area as one of the world’s most treasured biodiversity hotspots in need of protection. For this campaign, SAP secured 56,000 square meters of land, divvied up into 1 square meter pieces, to give away to anyone who wishes to help preserve land and wildlife. In fact, you can choose what you want to preserve. It could be bears, plant life, leopards, antelope, even scrubbing CO2. It’s easy to adopt your green spot. You’ll need to use your Facebook account and this URL:

Voted one of the top ten sustainable companies in the world,  SAP continues its commitment to sustainability by using database and software technology to preserve the earth. Word is traveling fast that SAP HANA is an incredible database platform that’s changing the face of business. Now available on demand for businesses of any size, SAP HANA One brings the performance of HANA to the cloud. The WWF green space project is one of the first sustainability applications to take advantage of HANA One. Stay tuned for more products that make life easier and better for the greater good not just the bottom line.  

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