Ray C. Anderson Foundation Ecocentricity Blog - June 4, 2015

Jun 4, 2015 9:00 PM ET
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By John Lanier Ray C. Anderson Ecocentricity Foundation Blog

So I checked, and sure enough, March 3 was the last date that I posted a blog entry. That’s three months ago. Goodness. I probably deserve some sort of public ridicule for this long of a delay. Anyone got any rotten tomatoes? Actually, I suggest we compost those instead and leave my face unsplattered.

I have an excuse for my lack of writing. It’s the same excuse that we all use at some point. Simply put, I was busy. Work busy, travel busy, personal busy - all of it. Hey, it happens. But I’m not fully satisfied with the excuse. Busy-ness (I guess that’s where the word “business” comes from…..huh) isn’t an extraordinary state of being after all. In fact, it’s much closer to the norm. So why do I tend to cling to it as a crutch, suggesting that the mere fact that I have plenty of things to do justifies not doing some of them? 

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