Providing Solutions Through Diverse Partnerships

By Glenn Nichols
May 21, 2024 10:00 AM ET

Strategic business partnerships cultivate growth, innovation, and success. They create opportunities to expand customer reach, increase production and performance, and bring forth the very best in collaborative solutions for the customer. Successful partnerships, however, not only depend on finding the right fit, but also in embracing shared values such as diversity and inclusion. Leidos has many business partnerships, and when these alliances incorporate differences in race, culture, gender, age, and education, the company derives additional benefit through new perspectives in strategies and solutions.

To support its utility customers, Leidos’ Power Delivery Solutions (PDS) team actively seeks out partnerships with diverse companies including Milhouse Engineering & Construction Inc. and KCS Corporation. Both organizations are thriving and diverse businesses that offer strong technical capabilities and local expertise, while also sharing common goals and values with Leidos.

Milhouse Engineering and Construction Inc. is a full-service Chicago-based minority-owned engineering firm offering expertise in civil, mechanical, electrical, structural, and environmental engineering, as well as construction and program management. Veronica Alcorchas, Milhouse Project Manager, believes that when partnerships bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds, industries, and cultures, they open the door to unique perspectives. “Differing viewpoints foster creativity, encourage innovation, and lead to comprehensive and effective strategies,” she says. “An added benefit that sets the Leidos and Milhouse partnership apart is that it has never felt transactional; it’s based on mutual respect and shared values.” This partnership has inspired richer decision-making and problem-solving processes to meet customer needs.

KCS Corporation, a Chicago-based provider of engineering services with 24 years of power delivery experience in transmission and substation, with projects located throughout the US, Canada, and Japan, also finds mutual benefit in its partnership with Leidos. “With a unique perspective and familiarity with Leidos customers, this partnership provides immediate responsiveness to customer needs, an ability to quickly ramp up project teams, and efficiencies in the execution of services. More specifically, these types of diverse partnerships allow for growth opportunities and added responsibilities,” says Seemesh M. Sethi, President of KCS Corp. Through its partnership with Leidos, KCS helps provide expedited project delivery and cost-effective solutions. “Collaboration allows partners to learn from each other and exchange best business practices,” he added. As a result of this successful partnership, both organizations have expanded their capabilities and ability to quickly deliver quality solutions, enhance their talent pools, and further develop a competitive edge in the market.

These collaborations as well as other similar partnerships not only elevate the customer experience by delivering a wider range of solutions, but also underscore Leidos’ ongoing commitment to support small, diverse businesses. “We believe in strong diverse business partnerships and a diverse workforce as they both promote innovative and successful solutions,” notes Micheal Swan, Leidos Vice President. “By tapping into different ideas, perspectives, and approaches, we are able to solve our client’s most challenging problems.”