Plug-In Cruise Ship Mod Reduces Port Pollution by 95%

Italian port authorities plan to connect berthed cruise liners to the grid as means of reducing fuel consumption and cutting carbon emissions.
Mar 27, 2010 12:30 PM ET

Plug-In Cruise Ship Mod Reduces Port Pollution by 95%

Cruise ships eat up enormous amounts of fuel. But plug-in cruise ships could change that and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 30-percent. Particulates and nitrogen oxides would also be reduced by a whopping 95-percent, and it would completely eliminate noise pollution all together.

The practice of offering electricity at port--called 'cold ironing' in shipping lingo--is limited as very few ships are compatible with on-shore electricity. But Venice, Paolo Costa, La Spezia and Lorenzo Forcieri are all expected to install new equipment for ships to plug in shore-side.

“One of the main objectives of the project is the development of a system to supply shore-side electrical power to vessels in their berths, especially cruise ships – essentially floating cities with thousands of ‘residents’ – during their port visits, eliminating the emissions produced by their on-board generators,” said Enel, an Italian electricity utility.

Of course, the other option is just to turn the engine off. A number of ports already support this, including Los Angeles here in the States, as a way for shipping and freight companies save money and lessen their environmental footprint.

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