Philanthropy & Community Engagement: Annual Women’s Leadership Conference yields $30K for local charity | March 2015 CSR Newsletter

Mar 10, 2015 9:00 AM ET

MGM Resorts International CSR Newsletter - March 2015

Last year, the MGM Resorts Foundation Women’s Leadership Conference set an attendance record that resulted in a record donation to a nonprofit organization, benefitting the welfare and development of women and girls.

The WestCare Nevada Women and Children’s Campus received a $30,000 donation, a result of the proceeds from the 2014 Women’s Leadership Conference. Each year, the conference is sponsored by The MGM Resorts Foundation and each year’s proceeds benefit a local nonprofit that supports women and girls.

“The WestCare Women and Children’s Campus, like our own resorts, operates 24/7, 365 days a year,” said Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Engagement Shelley Gitomer. “They invest heavily in women, and that’s why the MGM Resorts Foundation wants to invest in WestCare.”

WestCare provides a number of services to women and families including counseling and substance abuse treatment, health education and prevention, transitional housing, and more. WestCare Chief Executive Officer Richard Steinberg accepted the gift and spoke about the services his organization provides.

“We have women who are referred to us who are pregnant and we help them deliver a drug-free baby – probably one of the best things that we do,” he said.

The center also provides services to runaway teens and many returning female veterans.

“We’ve had more women serving combat than at any other time, including members of the National Guard and Reserves. Many women have a rough time when they return from a deployment,” he said. “We’re just really grateful that the community has been behind us this whole time and we’re really grateful for what you’ve done for us tonight. It’s very substantial. Thank you.”

This year will mark the Company’s ninth annual Women’s Leadership Conference. Early registration is $285, a rate that is available through April 1. Last year, a record 800-plus people attended the event and organizers hope to increase that figure yet again.

“Each event touches and in some way motivates the attendees to aspire to more than they did when they walked into the conference,” said Chief Diversity Officer Phyllis James. “If we can keep doing that year after year, then our Company, our community and our society will benefit. That’s a noble undertaking and one that I am proud that we continue to support year after year.”

For more information about the Women’s Leadership Conference, or to register, please visit: