Our Kickoff to Year-Round Gardening

By Lindsay LaSala, Corporate and Foundation Communications Manager, ScottsMiracle-Gro
Feb 3, 2021 1:55 PM ET

In a year like no other, we saw a surge of gardeners––more than 25 million, to be exact––try their hand at gardening.

Whether growing their own food, caring for a houseplant on the window sill of a studio apartment, or completely transforming a backyard into an outdoor office or yoga studio, gardening offered a much needed escape and purpose for many Americans during a difficult year. 

But the benefits of gardening go far beyond the vegetables we grow and the outdoor spaces we create. Gardening is an excellent way to support your mental and physical health. It boosts our moods, reduces stress and strengthens our bodies. Gardening has even been shown to fight depression and connects us through a shared and productive experience. 

After everything we’ve seen this past year about the benefits of gardening, we want to ensure our gardeners and growers have the best game plan to GroMoreGood all year long. To help share this message, we’re kicking off 2021 with our first-ever commercial for the Big Game.

The new commercial, slotted to air during the second quarter of the game, will highlight the many ways our backyards play an important role in our lives. It will also offer the chance for 42 people nationwide to win their dream lawn and garden*.

Regardless of who people are rooting for during the Big Game, we’ll be their biggest cheerleader for all their gardening needs long after the play clock expires. We’re committed to helping gardeners and growers get the most out of their outdoor spaces all year long. 

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Learn more about our purpose to GroMoreGood.

*Dream lawn and garden awarded as a $15,000 sponsor-selected stored value card.