This or That: Chocolate vs. Pumpkin Seeds

Which Halloween Snack Has The Lowest Carbon Footprint?
Oct 31, 2014 9:10 AM ET
Campaign: This vs. That
This or That: Chocolate vs. Pumpkin

Halloween is becoming one of the biggest holidays with consumers spending close to $7.4 billion this year. Finding the perfect costume and eating delicious Halloween candy usually takes priority. Halloween can also encourage poor nutritional choices and generate a lot of waste. We took a look at two Halloween snack options and we found out that the healthier snack was also better for the environment, too. The carbon footprint of pumpkin seeds is about 70 percent lower than the average chocolate bar. So grab a handful and read on for a few tips to try this Halloween.

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  • Use up the seeds in that Jack-O-Lantern and try these different seasoning options from Food Network.