Oceanopolis: Your Own Green Island

Make Waves, Fight Ocean Pollution With Oceanopolis - The New Facebook Game From Greenopolis
Jun 9, 2011 12:30 PM ET

Greenopolis Blog by Joe Laur

What if you lived on an island home and all your resources had to come from your island and your waste had to stay there? How would you live, what would you do differently?

You now have the chance, because Greenopolis has launched our new Facebook game Oceanopolis - play now at http://apps.facebook.com/oceanopolis/ Oceanopolis is a fun, interactive and educational game that engages players worldwide in stopping waste and recapturing resources using recycling & up-cycling principles. In Oceanopolis you get to live on your very own tropical island-a dream for most people. While on your Island your challenge is to keep your island, the surrounding ocean and other islands clean and green through capturing and up-cycling plastic and glass bottles, steel and aluminum cans and cardboard boxes. By doing so you clean up your island and keep society’s waste out of the surrounding ocean so they don’t wind up as trash in the Pacific Gyre! You can also rescue threatened sea animals as you restore their ocean habitat.   The game mimics real life; after all, we do live on an island in space –our Earth – and keeping her clean and green is all important! The principles at play in Oceanopolis are the very ones we need to adopt and practice in the real world.   Keep on reading or play Oceanopolis now...   About Greenopolis Greenopolis LLC, is a subsidiary of Waste Management. Greenopolis.com is the first interactive community that connects the online conversation about recycling and resource management with opportunities to track the products that consumers use and recycle through recycling kiosks located in public venues and other on the go locations. Through Greenopolis, environmentally responsible individuals can earn rewards for recycling and resource-conscious companies can better understand the lifecycle of their products. “Rethink. Recycle. Reward. Closing the Loop Together.” For more information: www.greenopolis.com.


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