Northern Trust Ireland Has Achieved ‘The Mark’

Feb 13, 2024 9:45 AM ET
Four people in a lobby "Northern Trust" on the wall behind them. Two holding a plaque.

We can now share the good news that the Northern Trust Ireland team has achieved the Business in the Community Ireland Mark ('The Mark'), Ireland's environmental, economic, social and governance standard.

The Mark recognizes that we have gone above and beyond to foster a culture of continuous improvement when it comes to sustainability in our Irish business.

We were assessed on four pillars of sustainability:

1. Economic; our approach to creating a positive and sustainable economic impact on the local community, society, and the environment
2. Environmental; our approach to responsibly managing our total environmental footprint
3. Social; our approach to addressing the needs of key social stakeholders
4. Governance; our structures provide the foundations for economic, environmental, and social pillars

Organizations with The Mark are representative of Ireland’s most mature, ambitious, and innovative organizations. This independently verified accreditation demonstrates our commitment to meeting and delivering the transformation needed to address the sustainability challenge in Ireland.

"I am thrilled that we have been recertified with The Mark. The rigorous process and external audit gives us, our clients and our broader stakeholder group, confidence in our commitment to drive sustainability in our organization." Melíosa O'Caoimh, Country Manager Northern Trust Ireland.