Northern Trust India Observes Neurodiversity Awareness Month

May 8, 2024 11:30 AM ET

Neurodiversity Awareness Month was recently observed at our offices in India.

Our employee led Abilities Business Resource Council organized several events and initiatives locally to raise employee awareness about neurodiversity.

  • Led by external expert’s employees participated in an Immersive Experience event leveraging experiential learning approaches to foster a deeper understanding and empathy for neurodivergent individuals.
  • Workshops aimed at challenging stereotypes and equip participants with practical tools to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace.
  • A panel discussion was held with our employees who are neurodiverse. They bravely shared their experiences and perspectives.
  • With our larger efforts of giving back to the community and supporting diverse suppliers we partnered with Blue Elephant Soapery, an entrepreneurial venture run by a woman on the autism spectrum to talk about her journey as well as showcase her work to our employees.

“We are proud of our continued efforts to foster a culture of inclusion for employees with diverse abilities.” Sachin Singh (Senior Vice President, Global Securities Services).