New Company Strives to Change the World One Business at a Time

First CSR Firm in its region Opens for Business
Dec 16, 2011 8:00 AM ET
(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) Rochester, NY – December 15th, 2011 – When you think of Corporate Responsibility what do you think of? It could be the oil spill from BP, Occupy Wall Street, Tom’s Shoes or Ben & Jerry’s, the company that pioneered the concept. From now on, think of Socially Good Business.   Socially Good Business is the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) firm in its region, a business dedicated to helping other for-profit businesses become more socially and environmentally responsible – from strategies and implementation to marketing, social media and PR. The company was founded by Liz Brenna of Rochester, NY, who spent the last 4 years working at Ben & Jerry’s Headquarters in Burlington, VT, bringing the company’s Social Mission to life.   “We had the pleasure and good fortune to work with Liz at Ben & Jerry’s. She is not only a delight but also talented, motivated and knowledgeable. She is committed to bringing social responsibility to life in a creative and meaningful way,” said Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, Co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s.   “Values-led business is the next generation of business,” Brenna said. “I’ve always been passionate about CSR and after receiving phone calls at Ben & Jerry’s from companies that wanted to do the right thing and embrace CSR, but had no idea how, I realized there really weren’t a lot of resources out there to help for-profit companies implement CSR strategies and consumer communication. I knew this was my calling.”    Socially Good Business started in September of 2011 and plans to stay and expand in Rochester, NY, aspiring to create jobs in the area.   Brenna has seen the market reward companies that get out in front of emerging trends. "Eight years ago, nobody knew what 'organic' meant, nobody knew how to use social media," said Brenna. "It was the companies that believed in it, who said, 'You know what, I don't need to see the data, I'm going to do this because I believe in it.' They're the ones that were the trailblazers - and everybody followed them.” Brenna added, “Companies are realizing that they can be socially responsible AND thrive from it and are recognizing that consumers are demanding it.”  
About Socially Good Business
Socially Good Business works with companies to become more socially & environmentally responsible to better their business and the community. Initiatives such as responsible sourcing, community involvement, sustainability, or cause marketing, are just a few things they handle. They help with every step along the way: creating concepts and strategies, managing implementation, and using CSR as an advantage in the marketplace through integrated marketing, PR & social media.   The company was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in Rochester, NY. For more information visit,, or on Twitter @SociallyGoodBiz.   About Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR stands for corporate social responsibility and refers to a company's responsibility to "do the right thing" as a global corporate citizen. It’s seeded in a company's mission and is integrated throughout the company's decisions, actions & culture. CSR is incorporated within a business model, which allows it to be run based on its values. Socially Good calls it "values-led" business. It comes to life in many forms and successful CSR business models include a triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.   Companies are realizing that they can be socially responsible AND thrive from it. Business isn’t just about making money, in fact, most consumers don’t want to interact with companies that aren’t operating with values, but instead are socially responsible, green, and give back to the community.