National Volunteer Month: Team Depot Continues to Give Back

National Volunteer Month: Team Depot Continues to Give Back

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 - 2:30pm

CAMPAIGN: Strengthen Communities

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Team Depot is The Home Depot’s associate volunteer force. Working alongside our nonprofit partners, Team Depot associates invest their time and energy serving the communities we live and work in. To date, The Home Depot Foundation has improved 50,000 veteran homes and facilities across 5,000 cities. 

In honor of National Volunteer Month, we’re celebrating the selfless spirit of three Team Depot volunteers who not only give back and support their communities but inspire others to do the same.  

Sirena Wynn is a Merchandising Execution Team (MET) supervisor based in Miami. She’s been volunteering with Team Depot since she was hired at The Home Depot seven years ago. Her store manager and Team Depot captain, Rose Taylor, shares why Sirena is an inspiration. 

“It's not just that she gives back, it’s how she gives back,” says Rose. “Sirena brings energy and enthusiasm to each project.” 

Sirena continues to volunteer during the pandemic in safe ways, like building benches for veterans and donating cleaning supplies. 

Will Jackson is a Service Desk supervisor based in Detroit. He began volunteering with Team Depot eight years ago. His district manager, Gary McFarren, admires Will’s ability to inspire everyone around him. 

 “If there's a need in the community, soup kitchen, store, with the football team he coaches, a person on the street, Will is there to meet it,” says Gary. “It’s a part of Will’s DNA to give back.” 

Heather Nordstrom is a specialty assistant store manager (SASM) and Team Depot captain based in Aurora, Colorado. As captain, she arranges and manages all Team Depot projects for associates who volunteer in her store.  

For Heather, the pandemic is just another challenge to overcome. “Volunteering looks a lot different right now,” she says, “But it’s important to be creative and think of ways that we can continue to help our communities.” 

With new COVID-19 safety guidelines to follow, Heather now plans Team Depot projects that allow for social distancing, like providing rental assistance, distributing home care kits and surprising a local children’s hospital with a cash grant. 

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