Moving Possibilities, a LIVE Chat About Environmental Global Citizenship at FedEx #3BLchat Recap

All of the not-to-be-missed details from a lively chat with Mitch Jackson of FedEx and sustainability partner WRI
May 19, 2015 5:45 PM ET

@Justmeans: FedEx #MovingPossibilities GOAL: Obtain 30% of its jet fuel from alternative fuels by the year 2030  #3BLchat (tweet)

@FedEx: What does #environmental global citizenship look like to us?  Live chat today at 2pm ET #3BLchat (tweet)

Just a few short weeks ago, FedEx released its 2014 Global Citizenship Report, Moving Possibilities. With many great accomplishments under wraps in 2014, several even ahead of schedule, FedEx and its sustainability partner, World Resources Institute (WRI), joined us for a LIVE 60-minute chat to talk about impact, achievements and the future.

@Mitch_Jackson: Hello, I’m thrilled to be here with you today. Thank you for being here as well. #3BLchat (tweet)

@WRIcities: This is EMBARQ Director Holger Dalkmann ( ) taking over @WRIcities for today's #3BLchat (tweet)

Representing FedEx, was Mitch Jackson (@Mitch_Jackson), VP of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability. Holger Dalkmann, Director Strategy and Global Policy/EMBARQ Director represented WRI (@WRIcities). It was a fast paced and lively chat as our panelists were eager to share information and our audience had an abundance of questions for them.

@3BLMedia: Let's jump right in! Q3: What does sustainability mean to @FedEx? #3BLchat (tweet)

Of course it’s tough to answer a question like that in just 140 characters. Mitch Jackson had some great points he wanted to make and used a few tweets to make sure his messages got across.

@Mitch_Jackson: Our purpose is to connect customers & communities with new markets, opportunities and possibilities around the world. #3BLchat (tweet)

@Mitch_Jackson: Our sustainability platform is designed to help us make connections, connecting the world more responsibly + resourcefully. #3BLchat (tweet)

@Mitch_Jackson: This is what I call Practical Sustainability in action:  #3BLchat (tweet)

@Mitch_Jackson: Practical Sustainability is strategic & transformational stewardship that adds value in efforts to be more responsible. #3BLchat (tweet)

As mentioned, FedEx’s sustainability partner, World Resources Institute, joined the #3BLchat. We wanted to know more about this partnership, especially in relation to the Environmental Global Citizenship Report.

@3BLMedia: What are some common goals for #sustainability #environment + #citizenship that FedEx @WRIcities share? #3BLchat (tweet)

@WRICities: We are both committed to helping people move and breathe better in cities. Mobility impacts businesses and quality of life #3BLchat (tweet)

@Mitch_Jackson: We seek to improve safety, congestion, environment and local competitiveness. #3BLchat (tweet)

@Mitch_Jackson: On safety, it's about both pedestrian and vehicle safety. #3BLchat (tweet)

@Mitch_Jackson: We are working together to reduce congestion and pollution and to improve quality of life for local residents. #3BLchat (tweet)

@Mitch_Jackson: And, we hope it can help growing mega cities in the developing world be more competitive in workforce, traffic, etc. #3BLchat (tweet)

As FedEx and WRI answered some of the initial questions we had for them, the audience was ready with many of their own. The questions were spot-on for Mitch and Holger and several audience members asked for them to elaborate on their previous answers, which they were happy to do and the panelists answered as many as they could during the LIVE event:

@Enablon: How has mobile technology played a role in FedEx’s environmental efforts? #3BLchat (tweet)

@HeyItsMeLizzyP: How does FedEx stay on top of technological transportation advances and implementing positive changes efficiently? #3BLchat (tweet)

@FairSnape: Q #3BLchat what do you see as big developments in Sustainability Environmental Citizenship over next 5 / 10 years? #MovingPossibilities (tweet)

@ReachScale: Improve local competitiveness. @FedEx @Mitch_Jackson Question #3BLchat Is there opportunity for FedEx to find/share g8 local ideas/models? (tweet)

As the dozen+ questions poured in, the 60-minute chat flew by. Mitch and Holger have been working hard to answer remaining questions, if yours has not been answered, please let us know.

Attendees left the event more informed about what FedEx and WRI are doing as part of their sustainability efforts as the chat also focused in on collaborative learning.

@3BLMedia: #3BLchat AUDIENCE Q > How do you overcome these challenges? #3BLchat (tweet)

@SarahEAndersen: @3BLMedia I'd be rich if I knew! But finding low hanging fruit for the wins that make emplys feel good, then inspired to do more #3BLchat (tweet)

@HeyItsMeLizzyP: An Executive Steering Committee & a Go Green Committee made up of leaders from across @TWC guide our efforts #3BLchat … (tweet)

@Enablon: Since launching the #carbon-neutral envelope program, @FedEx has shipped more than 300 million envelopes #3BLchat (tweet)

@TriplePundit: We just learned that trailer skirts, fitted on almost 50% of @FedEx fleets, contributed to 2% imprvmt in fuel efficiencies in FY14! #3BLchat  (tweet)

FedEx and WRI shared some advice for smaller organizations looking to make an impact as the chat wrapped up:

@Mitch_Jackson: Innovation and leadership can change what's possible. I describe innovation as applied inspiration. #3BLchat (tweet)

@Mitch_Jackson: You won't succeed every time, but you'll be focused on the right issues in your efforts. #3BLchat (tweet)

@WRICities: Smaller organizations often have knowledge of local conditions or relationships on the ground that they can leverage #3BLchat (tweet)

The hundreds of tweets that filled the LIVE chat can hardly be summed up in our blog post. Mitch Jackson of FedEx and Holger Dalkmann of WRI did a tremendous job sharing their insights with all of us. Don’t miss a single tweet from #3BLchat on April 28, 2015 - visit our Storify archive of the event.

If you missed this #3BLchat with FedEx and WRI but have a question you would like to ask, tweet us - just be sure to include #3BLchat along with @Mitch_Jackson and @WRICities in your tweets. Our panelists have been graciously answering questions since the chat concluded.

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