Metrics that Matter in the New Economy

A Sustainable Brands® Global Network Event
Sep 3, 2014 10:00 AM ET
Campaign: New Metrics '14

New Metrics '14 - Boston, MA - September 24-26

Metrics drive improvements and help businesses focus resources on areas that matter to drive positive business results. As we travel down the path towards social, economic and environmental resiliency in the 21st century, defining new metrics that measure and quantify entirely new forms of business risk and value will help decision makers drive strategy, innovation and performance.

Don’t miss important #NewMetrics that will ensure resiliency and our ability to thrive for the long term. Whether you are looking for new approaches to valuing risk and impact, searching for new data management solutions or considering groundbreaking methods to set company goals and KPIs, New Metrics ’14 in Boston will provide you with the latest techniques, methodologies and tools that matter. Register today.

Five central themes run throughout the program

1)      Modeling Risk, Impact & ROI

2)      Setting Sustainability Goals & KPIs

3)      Performance Assessment & Reporting

4)      Human Capital & Employee Engagement

5)      Customer Engagement & Behavior Change

Over 60 experts and thought provoking business leaders will share ideas, methodologies and tools to spur collaborative conversation. Hear from GlobeScan, Nielsen, Bloomberg, BASF, Autodesk, Ceres and more.

Program highlights include:

·         Quantifying a product’s social footprint

·         New measurement models for companies creating shared value

·         Measuring corporate sustainability performance: ESG and the credit rating frontier

·         Customer perception of sustainability initiatives and attributes

·         High impact investment portfolios

·         Comparing and contrasting tools for evaluating chemicals

Advance your individual business goals and uncover the latest insights and research by attending deep dive workshops on September 24th.

Register today for New Metrics ’14. September 24-26 in Boston, MA. Co-Presented by MIT Sloan School of Management. Call 1.415.626.2212 for more information, download the brochure or visit

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