Medic Aesthetic

Confronting stereotypes, one shoe at at time.
Feb 23, 2010 11:01 AM ET

Medic Aesthetic

The term medic aesthetic usually refers to things like scrubs, stethoscopes, and lab coats. But Gwendolyn Huskens, a graduate of the forward-thinking Design Academy Eidhoven sees it a little differently.

Huskens has taken upcycling to a whole new level with her unusual footwear designs, made of medical materials like bandages, plaster, band-aids and prosthetics. Although the healing-helping textures and neutral palette are a bit disorienting at first glance, her take on where the borders of fashion and orthopedics should be drawn is oddly compelling. They might even have you saying, "Oh no, I’m fine.  That’s not a cast, it’s just my lovely new shoe.”

Huskens says the designs aim to confront the taboos associated with physical deformities.  And while she definitely deserves a pat on the back for her contribution toward demystifying handicapped stereotypes, the shoes have been designed so cleverly that I expect them to be making a splash at fashion week any time. is dedicated to our users. We focus our attention on changing the world through recycling, waste-to-energy and conservation. We reward our users for their sustainable behaviors on our website, through our Greenopolis Tracking Stations and with curbside recycling programs.


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