Louisville Family Donating $25K Gift After Caring for 4-Year-Old African Boy Who Got Lifesaving Treatment

by Christie Battista
May 13, 2024 2:15 PM ET
A woman holds up a phone for a child in a light green shirt

Mark Kull is founder of Capitalis Planning Partners, a member of the Northwestern Mutual Private Client Group, and was named a 2024 Most Exceptional Community Service Award (CSA) winner. His family won a $25,000 grant part of Northwestern Mutual Foundation’s CSA program that recognizes exemplary volunteerism of its financial advisors.

Originally published by WDRB

Because the Kulls were there for the boy and provided him a temporary home as he underwent medical procedures, the family won a $25,000 community service award from Northwestern Mutual.

Mark works for Northwestern Mutual.

"It's a big ask to ask someone to do it," Mark said. "It's an even bigger ask if they have to put their own person finances behind it, so the gift from the Northwestern Mutual Foundation basically means 'hey all you got to do is love this child and we can handle all the rest.'"

That money will now go directly back to Healing the Children.

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