LGBT Great Gamechanger’s at Northern Trust

Oct 4, 2023 1:00 PM ET

We are proud to share the news that four of our employees have been recognized on the LGBT Great Gamechanger’s list for financial services. They are Séamus Kearney Martone (PMP)®, Kay Mari Lorena, Mark Flynn and Francis Louwi Pecadizo.

This award recognizes those in the LGBT+ community who are creating meaningful impact and change in communities, organizations, and for their colleagues.

On the back of this news, we asked the four awardees, how can we make financial services more inclusive?

Here’s what they told us…

“With the number of rainbow families growing across the globe, it’s important that employees are treated equitably by their employers, including providing fair and equitable leave entitlements and supports to their LGBTQ+ staff as they grow their family units.” Seamus Kearney Martone

“In the seemingly dull-colored world of the financial services industry clouded with numbers and excel sheets, there is a streak of the most vibrant colors focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. We need representatives from all communities, from top management to the downlines, convening through open conversations to make sure that DE&I is championed in every decision.” Kay Mari Lorena

“We need to expand our knowledge around inclusivity, we could launch additional training sessions across the organization and work closely with our Talent Acquisition team to recruit from a larger pool of diverse candidates. Northern Trust have adapted this method by securing us as the executive sponsor for LGBTQ+ committees across local colleges to inform them of upcoming graduate opportunities but also to show our support as an organization.” Mark Flynn

“Steps to make financial services more inclusive include, 1) Gender Sensitivity Discussion – hold training about SOGIESC (sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and sex characteristics) to champion a more accepting workplace. 2) Championing DE&I policies – embodying DE&I policies that promote inclusivity. 3) Collaboration with other non-profit and non-financial services organizations – we need to understand the needs and challenges faced by all communities.” Francis Pecadizo

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