Leidos Roadmap to Advancing Environmental Sustainability

At Leidos, we work every day to advance environmental sustainability for our customers and our enterprise. Through our three climate action goals, we aim to reduce GHG emissions and resource consumption and increase our use of clean energy.
Apr 16, 2024 1:30 PM ET

Originally published in Leidos Sustainability Report

Our roadmap for achieving the 2030 targets will include an array of solutions to reduce the company’s environmental footprint and will continuously evolve. In the near term, high-level strategies in the roadmap include:

  • Real estate optimization: Utilize real estate effectively by disposing of underperforming or underutilized assets and implementing flexible workplace strategies
  • Energy efficiency: Reduce energy consumption by identifying and implementing energy efficiency upgrades to our facilities
  • Renewable energy: Increase utilization of renewable energy by exploring opportunities for onsite renewable generation, procuring renewable energy where available, and purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from credible sources
  • Technology: Enhance technology and network support, including data center consolidation and upgrades to more energy-efficient equipment and cloud migration, enabling greater workplace flexibility
  • Behavioral change: Increase engagement and collaboration, raise awareness, build capacity, and recognize achievements
  • Education: Engage our employees in environmental sustainability and workplace behaviors that minimize waste and increase efficiency
  • Integration and innovation: Make sustainability a part of everyone’s job and encourage innovation and consideration across all businesses and functions
  • Circularity efforts: Collaborate with both our suppliers and our employees to implement circular measures within our business operations

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