Latest Boeing Innovation Video: High-speed test lab

Latest Boeing Innovation Video: High-speed test lab

Have a need for speed? Boeing is partnering with the Lotus F1 Team to challenge physics and put speed to the test.
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - 9:00am

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Boeing recently launched the latest video - High Speed Test Lab - in its Innovation series highlighting the company's ingenuity and passion for developing innovations that help solve difficult, real-world problems.


Advancing an emerging technique called additive manufacturing, Boeing and Lotus have figured out a way to take recycled carbon fiber from Boeing production and integrate it into the material so the fibers spread in all different directions. "High-speed test lab" features Brett Lyons, a material and process engineer for Boeing Research & Technology, who explains how Boeing researchers are working with the Lotus F1 racing car team in Oxfordshire, UK, to rapidly develop and test high-performance composite parts.