JustGreen Holiday Tips: Recycle & Upcycle

Dec 12, 2013 12:35 PM ET
JustGreen Holiday Tips : Recycle & Upcycle

We create a lot of waste during the holidays. Here are some ways to recycle and upcycle holiday waste:

1)     Not the most popular option, but re-gift unwanted gifts to someone who you think might appreciate the gift.

2)     Gather old clothes and jewelry and create a great dress-up box for kids.

3)     Donate unwanted gifts and old toys to charity.

4)     Drop off extra packing peanuts at local private mailing centers.

5)     Compost your food waste; you will have great fertilizer for your spring garden.

6)     If you plan on entertaining, have clearly marked recycling containers at your party for guests to recycle their cans and bottles. Send leftover items home with guests in reusable containers.

7)     Recycle your unwanted electronics: Cellphones, TV’s, Computers, Game Consoles, etc… A quick online search can pull up several locations that you may bring or will be willing to pick up your old electronics.

8)     Don’t throw away the aluminum foil you used to cover your food. Just rinse it and toss it in the recycling bin.

9)     Ask your guest to bring over their reusable containers so they can take home leftovers.

10)  Buy rechargeable batteries for gifts that require batteries and don’t for get to recycle the old ones.