Jeffrey Whitford of MilliporeSigma Talks Realm of Sustainability, DOZN™ Tool on Innovation+Talks Podcast

Dec 3, 2021 11:00 AM ET

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Jeffrey Whitford, head of sustainability and social business innovation at MilliporeSigma, joins Paul Heller of Innovation+Talks podcast to discuss the realm of sustainability. Jeffrey shares how companies can drive sustainability through energy efficiency, renewables, product design, materials and packaging. He highlights the importance of investing in non-profit organizations and having access to high-quality education. Jeffrey also divulges the processes of leveraging data and using MilliporeSigma's DOZN™ tool to utilize the 12 principles of green chemistry. He explains why it is vital to take a circular approach to waste and recycling. Jeffrey also underscores the social side of sustainability and the need for longer perspectives of the total cost of ownership when making decisions.

Listen to the podcast, here.