Introducing 3BL’s “Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos” Series

Aug 31, 2023 8:30 AM ET

Each month our in-house experts will merge the celestial wisdom of astrology with current environmental, social, governance (ESG) communication trends to offer a unique perspective and practical advice on sharing your company’s commitments effectively.

Our series begins with Virgo season. A shift from the chaotic energy of the summer is abound, bringing a more meticulous approach to everyday life. With Virgo being governed by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication, there are a number of implications for how your company shares its sustainability and social impact news.

In this edition, we delve into:

  • How businesses have responded to environmental disasters over the past few months and why you can expect a continued focus on the climate crisis
  • How companies are aligning their initiatives to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and sharing progress
  • Data from the 3BL platform on how companies are communicating ESG commitments
  • And, more insights on how to optimize your content for impact!

Just as Virgo season is associated with a keen eye for detail, this season encourages businesses to approach ESG communication with thoughtfulness. It is a time to pay attention to the nuances of language, tailor your content to different stakeholders and drive consistent conversation on your sustainability commitments.

Whether you are an astrology enthusiast intrigued by the cosmic correlation with sustainability, or a professional steeped in ESG, we invite you to see how we have deciphered the astrological influences impacting ESG communication this Virgo Season.

See what the stars have in store here.