Internet Essentials: Military and Veterans

Nov 13, 2017 11:05 AM ET

Josh Delano is the father of two school age daughters, a Navy veteran, and a full-time student in the Electrical Engineering Department at Fresno State.  He is also a part of the more than 4 million low-income Americans that have benefitted from the Internet Essentials program since 2011.  Josh qualifies for Internet Essentials because his girls participate in the National School Lunch Program. Being a present father to his two daughters, and working on the challenge of clean and renewable energy are Josh’s two passions in life.  Having Internet Essentials means he no longer needs to sacrifice time with his girls in order to achieve his goals. Previously Josh had to spend long hours at school or the library, but now, he’s able to study, submit assignments, and download textbooks right from his kitchen table, while his daughters do their homework or watch videos beside him.  The Internet opens the door to a world of opportunity, and Josh is using that opportunity to create a better life for himself and his daughters, and a better world for us all.