Infographic: Traits of Best-in-Class Product Compliance

Benchmark your product compliance practices
Apr 16, 2015 9:00 AM ET

Infographic Summary


In this Aberdeen report, we looked at the Best-in-Class practices that manufacturers have established, related to product compliance, across all of their supply partners, and how their supply chain organizations are responding in order to support the compliance requirements. The following key metrics relate to the advantages the Best-in-Class have in comparison to their competition.

Traits of the Best-in-Class as compared to all others:

  • 100% Have standardized process for designing, sourcing and validating products for materials compliance.
  • 43% Have established a cross-functional team to ensure compliance from design, sourcing, delivery and disposal of product.
  • 71% Have established processes to assess/track supplier compliance.
  • 50% Have targeted supply chain visibility as an area for improvement.
  • 100% Have invested in technology to improve the sourcing and procurement functions.

The bottom line: Standardizing the process for designing, sourcing and validating products for material compliance, and establishing a cross-functional team, are the foundation for having a successful and proactive product compliance program. Standardizing processes ensures that all critical steps and best practices are followed. As the organization "learns", incorporating these steps into the standard process will enable improvements to be made to strengthen the product compliance process.

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