Infographic: 20 Years of Defining the Sustainability Reporting Landscape

Wrapping up 2017, it is a good time to take one more look at the past twenty years in sustainability reporting, including the milestones and growth of GRI
Dec 22, 2017 9:00 AM ET

Two decades after pioneering the sustainability reporting process in 1997, GRI is now the world's established pre-eminent sustainability standard setter. Through 20 years of work that has defined the reporting landscape, we have evolved our reporting framework in line with the collective understanding of sustainability, to incorporate new topics and best practices as they emerge.Thanks to our multi-stakeholder approach, the GRI reporting framework is universal and any organization, of any size, in any sector of the economy, anywhere in the world, can access best practice reporting for free, to effectively measure, manage and communicate their sustainability impacts with its stakeholders.  

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